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Valid Scrollbars

To understand what this code generator is all about, read this article about validating your scrollbars.

Good, now that you know what this is all about just complete the form below to generate the javascript required for valid scrollbar code.

Select your colors either from the dropdown lists or by entering a custom value (use #rrggbb). Copy the generated code into the head of your page and add the onload code to your body tag. The script needs to be run after the page has loaded or you will get an error.

Scroll ElementColor ChooserColor Value - Custom Color
Base Color :               
Face Color :               
Arrow Color :               
Highlight Color :               
Track Color :               
Shadow Color :               

Your code will appear below
Finally add onload="doscrolls();" to your body tag. It must be called from onload otherwise you will get an error.

Click to preview how your code will look.

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This tool is provided free of charge. Use of the generated code requires no obligation on your part to link to this site either by choice or by forcing a visible link to appear in the generated code.

No link to this site will appear on any pages that use code generated from this site. However, the generated code does produce a comment specifying the url of the code generator ( it is hidden and will never appear to your visitor ). You are free to remove the line but we would appreciate it if you left it in place. Thanks :)


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