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Click & Go Generator Plus

If you have used our Click & Go code generator or the php alternative then why not combine the 2 for maximum effect?

The Javascript version has the advantage of being fast and doesn't require a submit button (if desired). The drawbacks are it's useless if javascript isn't available to the user.

The advantage of the php version is, it works without javascript. The drawbacks are you have to have a submit button.

One of the things I like about the web is being able to mix techniques. With a small adjustment to both of the above mentioned scripts we can utilise the power of Javascript if it's available with the functionality of the PHP version if it isn't.

So how does it work?

The PHP script - Copy the following code and save it as jump.php

header("Location: $list"); 

  1. Use the code generator below by filling in all the fields then click the generate code button. Make sure that you enter the full path to jump.php
  2. Copy the code and paste the generated code into your document.

OK Let's get started

How Many Links :

Your code will appear below
Click to preview how your code will look.

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This tool is provided free of charge. Use of the generated code requires no obligation on your part to link to this site either by choice or by forcing a visible link to appear in the generated code.

No link to this site will appear on any pages that use code generated from this site. However, the generated code does produce a comment specifying the url of the code generator ( it is hidden and will never appear to your visitor ). You are free to remove the line but we would appreciate it if you left it in place. Thanks :)

13 Aug 2003


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