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Email Scrambler

If your site contains your email address as part of a mailto: link and you haven't been spammed yet then well done :)

By having your email address in a readable format you will eventually be hit by an email spam bot. Their function in life is to trawl every website looking for email addresses it can add to its database, with the sole purpose of spamming you at a later date.

So what do these bots look for? Well firstly it might look for mailto: links. Alternatively it may look for email syntax xxx@xxxx.xx.xx for example.

Well what can you do to stop them? the answer is easy - use the code generator below :)

I decided to add some extras to the script which I'll explain later but here's how the generator works.

Enter your email address into the appropriate field (don't worry I'm not going to steal it). The generator creates a new string based on your email address, replacing the @ and . characters. A script is then created for you to cut an paste on your site which creates a mailto: link. arggghh what's the point if the bots look for mailto: links. well the link is created with javascript and is never coded as a mailto: :).

Both your real email address and mailto: link will be invisible to the bots - protecting you from spam.

How the email will look when the link is clicked onThe extras I have added allow you to set the subject line (up to 64 Characters) of the email and up to 255 characters of text in the body of the message making life easier for your visitor. All they have to do is write their bit and send - the rest is all filled in for them :) See the image - it explains it better :)

The last thing to add is the text you want if javascript is disabled. You can make this a link to your main contact form if you have one. Fill in all the fields then click the Generate Code button. You can test the output by clicking on the preview link - the link will appear in a new window.

Enjoy the script and please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

Enter Your Email Address :

Enter The Link Text :

Enter The Subject Field Text : (64 max)

Enter The Message Text : (255 max)

Enter The NOSCRIPT Text

Full instructions in the generated code.

Click to preview how your code will look.
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Updated 02 Oct 2003

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This tool is provided free of charge. Use of the generated code requires no obligation on your part to link to this site either by choice or by forcing a visible link to appear in the generated code.

No link to this site will appear on any pages that use code generated from this site. However, the generated code does produce a comment specifying the url of the code generator ( it is hidden and will never appear to your visitor ). You are free to remove the line but we would appreciate it if you left it in place. Thanks :)


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