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Meta Tag Code Generator

Fill in all the fields and click Create META Tags button, the code will appear in the bottom text area.

Just copy and paste the code between your head tags.

Updated to include Image Toolbar and Smart Tag prevention.

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Create new Meta Tags
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Image Tool Bar Tick box to allow IE Image Toolbar to Display
Smart TagsTick box to allow MS Smart Tags

Your code will appear below

Title : Always enter a descriptive title for your page. Even if the page is contained within a frameset and the title is hidden, the page title is still indexed by the search engines and will avoid the dreaded 'Untitled' heading appearing in the search engine listings.

Audience : Choose a category from the dropdown list that best describes the audience your page is aimed at.

Author : Copyright : and Publisher : It's quite obvious what you enter here.

Revisit After : Will make sure that the robots return to index your site.

Robots : This reqires a bit more info so here goes
INDEX means that robots are welcome to include this page in search services.
FOLLOW means that robots are welcome to follow links from this page to find other pages.
NOFOLLOW allows the page to be indexed, but no links from the page are explored.
NOINDEX allows the links from this page to be explored - this page however is not indexed.
So choose what you want the robot to do when it stumbles upon your site by selecting an option from the dropdown list.

Image Tool Bar : Find out more about the Image Tool Bar

Smart Tags : Microsoft has introduced something called smart tags to new releases of Internet Explorer - basically this means that they hijack your webpages content looking for keywords that they can turn into links that take people away from your site to theirs.

Let's take a look at this line of text as intended to be viewed by the author
I like to surf in the rough seas near Edinburgh.

Now lets look at what could possibly appear (just an example)
I like to surf in the rough seas near Edinburgh.

The word surf might take you to the IE homepage. The word Edinburgh might become a link to encarta.

As a developer I want control over what links appear on my site. I'm not saying that smart tags are a bad thing but I should be able to choose if I want them to appear on my webpages. Unfortunately Microsoft have decided that the smart tags are enabled as default - if you don't want smart tags you have to opt out.

So, if you want the smart tags to appear on your site then tick the box (opt in) if you don't want smart tags then leave the box unticked :) that's how it should have been done in the first place

Description : Make sure that you edit the content here to represent what this page is all about.

Keywords : Try to think what someone might type into a search engine if they are trying to find what you have to offer. Make sure your keywords are relevent to your site, people will leave as soon as they arrive if you have misled them.

Once you have completed the form all you have to do is select the code in the text area, copy to the clipboard and paste it into your text/html editor and save it. Then all that's left to do is upload it to your website and and submit the page with the search engines.

Updated 27 Aug 2003

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This tool is provided free of charge. Use of the generated code requires no obligation on your part to link to this site either by choice or by forcing a visible link to appear in the generated code.

No link to this site will appear on any pages that use code generated from this site. However, the generated code does produce a comment specifying the url of the code generator ( it is hidden and will never appear to your visitor ). You are free to remove the line but we would appreciate it if you left it in place. Thanks :)


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