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HyperText Mark-Up Language (HTML) is a simple language that is used to create hypertext documents on the World Wide Web. Most hypertext documents (webpages) on the web are written in HTML.

Getting started with accessibility. - Breaking accessibility guidelines into manageable blocks.

Webpage Basics - understand the basic idea of how a webpage is put together, how tags work.

List guide - all the info you need about lists.

Forms guide - all the info you need about forms.

Nested Lists - proper tag structure for nesting lists.

The Body Tag - check out your body tag.

Close your Tags - why you must start closing your tags.

Table Tips - if you use tables - read this.

Folder Protect - how to protect your images folder.

Don't Resize - Why it's not good to interfere

Accessibility - useful resources

HTML Special Characters - html code for commonly used special characters.

HTML 4 Tags - all the html 4 tags and attribute.

Other online resources - visit other html developer sites or add your own site to andysstuff resource directory.

Have you got any HTML tips or guides you'd like to share with others? Find out how you can help.


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