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HTML Special Characters

When creating your pages some symbols require special characters. The normal character set characters may look ok in your browser but not in others. The best way to make sure your characters appear as intended is to use the special characters.

Below is a list of some of the most commonly used special characters and the html syntax.

<&lt;Less Than Sign
>&gt;Greater Than Sign
 &nbsp;Non-Breaking Space
¡&iexcl;Inverted Exclamation Mark
¢&cent;Cent Sign
£&pound;Pound Sign
¤&curren;Currency Sign
¥&yen;Yen Sign
¦&brvbar;Broken Vertical Bar
§&sect;Section Sign
©&copy;Copyright Sign
ª&ordf;Femenine Ordinal Indicator
º&ordm;Masculine Ordinal Indicator
«&laquo;Left Angle Quote
»&raquo;Right Angle Quote
¬&not;Not Sign
­&shy;Soft Hyphen
®&reg;Registered Sign
°&deg;Degree Sign
±&plusmn;Plus-Minus Sign
¹&sup1;Superscript 1
²&sup2;Superscript 2
³&sup3;Superscript 3
´&acute;Acute Accent
µ&micro;Micro Sign
&para;Pilcrow Sign (Paragraph sign)
·&middot;Middle Dot
¼&frac14;Vulgar Fraction One Quarter
½&frac12;Vulgar Fraction One Half
¾&frac34;Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters
¿&iquest;Inverted Question Mark
&euro;Euro (Currency)
÷&divide;Division Sign
&spades;Spades Symbol
&clubs;Clubs Symbol
&hearts;Hearts Symbol
&diams;Diamonds Symbol * doesn't seem to work with verdana font (arial used here)


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