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JavaScript is a client-side scripting language which allows you add interactive content to your webpages. Here are some useful javascript examples.

Getting Started With Javascript - 8 page guide introducing variables, functions and events..

Javascript Alert Guide - A guide to using javascript alert, prompt and confirm boxes.

Strip Tags - Strip HTML tags from a javascript string.

Advanced Window Opener - Create multiple custom windows with all the features you need.

Make the <link> tag useful - Make this under used tag useful.

Banner Rotation - Add simple banner rotation to your site.

Browser Detect - Detect browser and operating system using JavaScript.

Date and Time - Add the date and time to your page using JavaScript.

Form Validation - The cross browser validation script for webmasters who want functionality as well as style.

Add to Favorites - dynamically create an add to favorites link.

Cool Back Link - put an intelligent back link on to your pages.

Remove Container - how to remove the container box that some browsers leave behind on links and images. Updated 22/07/2001 Opera fix.

Redirect - want to redirect a user to a new page? - here's how.

Norton code insertion - developers beware.

Other online resources - visit other javascript developer sites.

Have you got any JavaScript tips or guides you'd like to share with others? Find out how you can help.


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