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Going live for the first time

The term 'going live' just means making your site viewable on the web.

If you have made all the pages for your site then the chances are they are stored on your computer. This is fine for developing your site but not much use when you want the world to see your creation.

For new developers making your site available on the web for the first time can seem a bit intimidating. But fear not, this guide will take you through the steps required to move your site from your computer onto the World Wide Web for all to see.

You will learn some of the most commonly used terms and their meanings including :

  • FTP / FTP Client
  • Webspace
  • Webserver
  • Local
  • Remote
  • Upload/Put
  • Download/Get
  • Web Address
  • Root

While it may appear like a lot to learn it's actually quite painless. If you can copy files from one folder to another in windows then you'll be able to ftp.

So let's get started by explaining all the terms used.

  1. Going live
  2. FTP Glossary
  3. Webspace
  4. FTP Client

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12 Nov 2003


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