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Visitor Comments

Below is a small selection of what some of our visitors have said about WebDevTips.

Thanks a lot for your "remove box around links script". It's simple, it's great and it works! Thanks again!

Thank you for a wonderful "Contact Me" tool!

Thank You! I have been about in tears trying to find a way to feed my news content... Then I found your webdevtips with the Form for making an RSS page and here's the best part, I understood what the hell you were talking about in your explanation.

Wow... You have the best web development site I've ever visited... It's so nice! No banner ads and no "you must link to me if you use this"...

Much appreciated your patience and flow in your tutorial on alert, prompt, confirm popups. Thank you. Very clear and helpful.

I just used your RSS generator. Pretty cool.

About the article you wrote, secure login. This works great!. I used this in my website

Thanks for the site - I'm such a geriatric beginner - an old amoeba !! Good stuff

I felt welcome here the moment I arrived and started reading the site.

Thank you, Andy, for saving me hours of searches and failed attempts. Exactly what I needed. I am very grateful.

A very nice site providing lots of useful information.

Clear, Concise, professional, easy to follow, easy to read. Great job on this. I'm sure I will be referencing this often in the future.

Comments posted on other sites

When someone says that “RSS is too hard”, show them tools like this
Matt H. - lockergnome opinions

I like this RSS tool, too:
It's what I'll be using to do my first feed this week. ;)
Nice site, btw. :)
Michelle - RSSify

WebDevTips has a neat one-pager on developing a sensible file and folder structure for your Web site.

When I saw that WebDevTips had posted some quick tips for keeping your site sane, I knew that this was someone after my own heart.
Jennifer Kyrnin -

...there are an increasing number of RSS feed generators around; little modules that use form field inputs to generate RSS automatically. One of the best is called the RSS Headliner at, which spits out a perfectly formed 0.91 feed and even allows you to preview and validate it.
Francis Till - New Zealand PC World

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We would like to thank everyone for their support to date and look forward to more in the future.

Andrew Holt

Updated 28 Sep 2003


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