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About Us


WebDevTips started life as a site for somewhere to keep all the useful stuff I used regularly but could never find easily. Originally called AndysStuff, the site first appeared in late 1998 and has grown ever since.

Visitor feedback is so important in developing a site people like to use and we always welcome your comments, good or bad. The implementation of a forum in late February 2003 also helped in generating useful feedback.

Web standards have improved over the years and WebDevTips has changed a lot to reflect that. The site is now more accessible than it ever has been in the past and will continue to be in the future.

Who does all the work?

A charicature of me when I had more hairAt this point I would love to say we have a huge development and research team bringing WebDevTips to your browser but it's just me, Andrew Holt.

I have many years web development experience and worked as senior technical consultant (web development) with in Edinburgh, UK. Over this time I have had the opportunity to work on some really cool projects (and some not so cool). I built the ec1 website using custom optimisation scripts and a custom dropdown dhtml menu script.

The dropmenu script has been updated and improved. Dropmenu can be found at

I was also responsible for in-house staff training, trying to pass on valuable snippets of information without giving all my secrets away. However, no amount of training can equip you for the setbacks you will encounter on the way but as long as you learn from your experiences and don't ignore those who try to help - you might just make it to the end with some hair left ;)

I am by no means a text book programmer, I like to think of myself as a real world programmer. No browser will work properly using text book code (except for simple stuff) so, you constantly have to tweak your code for it to work the way you want it to.

I am self taught and take great pride in my work. Over the last few years I have taught myself lots of new skills and written lots of perl applications, some of which you will find in the code generator section of the site. Other applications include an online web page editor (which I am using right now:) , a web based file management control system and a news headline editor to name a few.


Without visitors a website is useless - WebDevTips knows this and strives to be as helpful as possible at all times. Getting visitors to your site once is a challenge enough - keeping them there and getting them to return is easier when you treat them well. We have many regular visitors and would like to thank them all for the support they have offered.

So, enjoy the site and get in touch anytime :)

Andrew Holt
Revised 10 Aug 2003


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