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FAQ last updated on: 12 Apr 2003

Webdevtips now has a forum for asking questions. As a result this faq will no longer be added to. I will keep the current questions and answers here as they are still useful.
Andrew Holt

General Site Questions

Q1: I have a question - how do I ask it?

Q2: How often is the site updated?

Q3: Do you do site design for other people?

Q4: How do you decide on your scripting approach? - after all browsers come with lots of options to turn on and off.


Q1: How can I get the document width and height?

Q2: Opera thinks it is MSIE - what is that all about?

Q3: How do I change a string into a number?

Q4: How do I detect what screen resolution the visitor is using?

Q5: How do I change the content in a form text box?

Q6: An external ad script is causing an error on my page is this fixable?

Q7: How do I generate a random number within a certain range?

Q8: How do I add the date and time using JavaScript?

Q9: How do I change the color of a table cell when the pointer passes over it?

Q10: How do I print numbers 1 - 10 using javascript?

Style Sheets

Q1: How do I validate my style sheet when using IE filters?

Q2: My style works ok in one browser but breaks in another - why?

Q3: I have a style sheet that allows me to change the scrollbar colors - I cannot get my style sheet to validate is there an answer?

Q4: How can I load a different style sheet for Netscape 4x?

Q5: Can you help with this Netscape 4x error "The requested URL /styles/style.css was not found on this server"?


Q1: How do I put background music on my webpage?

Q2: How do I align tables to left, right or centre?

Q3: Do I really need the alt tag on a spacer gif?


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