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Speed Test

alfie the clockwatcherFast webpage download times are essential in attracting or keeping visitors on your site. What most developers tend to do is forget about people visiting the site via a dial-up modem.

Hi-Speed connections are available so why not make use of them ? - Hi-Speed connections should be no excuse for bloated sites. No matter how fast connections get you should always optimise your site to be efficient.

Hi-Speed connectivity does not mean its ok to have 400k of eye candy on every webpage just because it can be downloaded quicker. Personally I think that is a big mistake and one that I am now seeing more and more on the web.

I agree that eye candy is an important aspect of a site but you should always be aware of the consequences of bloating your site.

Think about this - When you decided to develop a website was it your intention to place limitations on your site ? AND - Was it also your intention to restrict people from being able to view it ?

I would guess that neither of those where your intention but if you bloat your site that is what the result will be.

So how can this test help you ?
Firstly calculate the full size of the page you want to test (html, images, external css, external javascripts etc). Depending on how you have done that your total might be in MB, KB or Bytes, enter the value in the field provided and click on the measurement you used.

Click on the 'do it now' button. You will now be presented with a filesize conversion, below that you will see estimated download times for different modem speeds. These speeds are top speeds and do not account for other factors that can slow connectivity down such as line noise, bottlenecks, browser rendering etc.

Any times shown as 0H 0M 0S mean they are less than 1 second.

Size : MB KB Bytes


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