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Advanced Learning

This set of guides are for more advanced users looking to add more features or interactivity to their pages. These mainly cover javascript and php. Javascript and php can only be used effectively if you have a good understanding of how webpages are made and work. Most of these suggestions assume at least an intermediate knowledge of development.

Don't forget, if you are confused by anything then you can use the forum to ask for help.

  1. Getting started with JavaScript - JavaScript is a scripting language which allows you add interactive content to your webpages. You can use your favorite text editor to write javascript as it's written in plain text. No special software required.
  2. Javascript alert guide - Javascript alert, prompt and confirm boxes can be a useful tool if used wisely. Only ever use them if the need arises.
  3. Browser Detect - There are many reasons why you might need to use a detection script. You might need to create separate stylesheets depending on what browser or operating system is used.
  4. Add to favorites - One thing that you want visitors to do when they come to your site is to add it to their favorites/bookmarks.
  5. PHP Password Protect - This guide will step you through a simple protection script that you can use on your site.
  6. PHP Expanding Navigation - Easily create your navigation using php.
  7. PHP Jump Menu - Most people are familiar with the javascript menu where you select a link from a form menu. Try the php version.
  8. Setting up a home development server - Want to learn and test at home? This set of guides will take step by step through the installing and testing process for a complete set of development tools on windows.
  9. Accessibility - Making your website accessible for visitors with disabilities can seem like an impossible mission. There is so much involved when you look at the overall picture but if you take it a step at a time you will soon work it out.
  10. Headline Syndication - Have you ever visited sites that have news headlines on them? Have you ever thought "I have some cool stuff on my site, I wonder how I can get my site listed"? Well wonder no more :)
  11. Say goodbye to Javascript mouseovers - Easy cross browser rollovers without writing 1 line of javascript :)

We hope you find the above guides useful in getting started. Why not let us know what you think by leaving your comments in our forum.

29 Nov 2003


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