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Search engine tips using frames

Framesets require more work for search engine submission and should be considered fully before starting work on your site. Careful planning of a framed site should mean that your site will still be indexed by the search engine robots.

Tagging the site as you go will make life a bit easier as you head towards completion of your project. When working in a framed environment it is all too easy to forget about title tags, after all the only title that anyone sees is the one used in your frameset document. However, it is not the only one seen by robots. Title tags, even though they are not visible to users - are visible and used by search engines to display their results so all documents should have descriptive title tags.

A framed site will require the creation of a site index, which will have to be carefully tagged to optimise the chance of high ranking. Use the site index content and place it between the <noframes></noframes> tags.

As the robots will more than likely ignore your frame src tags you can be pretty certain they will index the body text site index so get it right and you should have no problems.

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