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Beware the popup killers

Love them or hate them, popup killers are here to stay. But what strikes me is that sites relying on popups for content are not testing their sites properly with a popup blocker. On this site for example non essential content popups are used.

Popup killers take many forms. Some will only kill onload/onunload popups some will kill everything except target="windowname".

To make sure your site works - first disable javascript and see if it still works if so then good :) now get a popup killer and see what happens.

Popup killers can also prevent flash movie external links from working. I'm not 100% sure what flash uses for opening new windows - perhaps its an actionscript thing. All I do know is that some flash movies don't open external links when a blocker is used.

Remember your site is useless to some visitors if you do not consider the effects of these applications. I know you can't account for everything on the web but why make life hard by using fancy gimmicks that can do more harm than good.

Here is 1 I use for testing, they are free and don't contain spyware.

Popup killers don't care if it's an ad or content, if you open a window in a way it doesn't like then say goodbye to your visitor seeing your content.

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